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Combination for Starters
Thai Oil Holistic+Reflexology 
60 min.  75 €

If you are new to massage, try this package. A combination of relaxing Thai Oil Holistic and therapeutic reflexology.

Thai Oil Holistic Massage 
45/60/90/120 min. 55/70/100/140 €

Thai Oil Holistic Massage works on a physical level by improving circulation and aiding the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells whilst at the same time eliminating toxins, releasing muscular tension and boosting the immune system. 

Our Signature holistic therapy Thai techniques relieve the pain, in the Low back, neck, frozen shoulder, office syndrome, insomnia, depression, migraine and muscle stiffness after sports activities.

Stronger pressure on request, we kindly ask for an additional charge. 10 € / hour
Energy Balance Massage 
60/90 min.  70/100€

Energy massage is a healing technique for pain relief, to balance our life force especially negative emotions like fear, anger, depression anxiety. The improved blood circulation and lymphatic Drainage is rebalancing the body,  loosening blockages, and reviving internal organs. The energy can flow through the seven Chakras. Healing the mind and rejuvenating the body.


Hangover Massage 
50 min.  60€

During a hangover, your body is full of toxins, and your liver, the organ responsible for breaking them down, just can’t keep up. Massage will help your lymphatic system clear your blood of all the poisons you put into it on St. Patrick’s Day.

Hangovers mean headaches. A massage is a great way to increase circulation, which also pushes blood to the brain, easing pesky headaches caused by your hangover.


Massage therapy legislation clearly states that being under the influence of alcohol is a contraindication for receiving (or giving) massage therapy.


Thai Traditional Massage 
45/60/90/120 min.   55/70/100/140 €


Thai massage has been taught and practised in Thailand for approximately twenty-five hundred years. The technique combines the therapist using his hands, knees, legs and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like post-stretching, emphasising acupressure muscle compression joint mobilization. It has a double effect relaxing and energizing, physical performance (without Oil).

Thai Traditional Reflexology 
30/50min. 40/60 €


The extremely effective form of therapeutic foot massage which aims to create harmony in the body through applied pressure to the sole of your feet our reflexology points correspond to the vital organs of your body to promote health and well-being. Alternative medicine to relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety and boost general health.

Vitamin C+ Face mask
in combination with treatments  special offer. 10 €


The rejuvenating effect of your treatment can be shown in the face too. Why not apply one of our masks? Garanty looking younger, look fresh and well groomed. Defeat the aging from too much sun! 


Presso-Therapy -Cycler Leg Release
30min   35 €


This air dynamic pressure massages natural healing processes by enhancing blood to your muscles facilitate cellular repair boosting Lymphatic Drainage to relieve inflammation ,detoxify, tired legs, oedema, swelling, varicose veins, Thrombus and improves athletic performance 


What are the benefits Presso-Therapy Dynamic compression technology speeds up your body's natural healing processes by enhancing blood flow to your muscles to facilitate cellular repair and protein synthesis boosting lymphatic drainage to relieve inflammation and reduce swelling and mobilizing toxins such as lactic acid and excess fluids. What you will notice is less stiffness and soreness as well as increased mobility and flexibility.


Thai Yoga Massage
50/60/90min. 60/70/100 € 


Healing practice that incorporates yoga movements into an incredibly soothing massage. It is meant to relax your body and mind and restore your energy. On a Thai massage retreat, the gentle pressure applied to certain energy points in the body will improve your general state of well-being. Whether you’re interested in becoming proficient one thing is certain. You’re in for a life-changing, transformative experience (without Oil).

Jet-Lag massage
50/60 min. 60/70 €


End Jet Lag naturally, Upgrade your holiday with a massage technique to reduce the effects of travel and banish fatigue A massage will stimulate the lymphatic system and muscle aches. This massage can revive the senses and help your body relax and stimulate the production of Melatonin needed to promote healthy sleep cycles, thus helping you adjust to a new time zone quicker.

Shiatsu Massage 
60/90 min.  70/100 € 

Developed in Japan, Shiatsu is a finger-pressure technique utilizing traditional acupuncture points. Similar to acupressure, shiatsu concentrates on unblocking the flow of life energy and restoring balance in the meridians and organs in order to promote self-healing

Hot Stone Massage
50/80 min. Euro 70/100 €


  Is that the direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist access to their deeper muscle layers.  Combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience. The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation total well being.

Traditional Thai Lanna Tok-Sen  30 min. 45 €


Tok Sen is an ancient folk medicine practice from the Lanna culture of Northern Thailand. Knock rhythmically along the body's energy lines and muscles and tendons. Tok means to strike or tap while sen refers to the meridian lines to clear blocked energy that gets deep into the body's muscles very effective at promoting a sense of calm and eliminating the effects of stress and restoring the mental state of a person.


Internal Organ Detox Therapy
50 min. 60 €

Detox your organs for a complete body cleanse. In addition to the liver, detox your lungs, skin, bowels and kidneys, better digestion, and increased energy

Abhyanga Ayurvedic  
50/90 min. 60/100 €


Increases circulation; Stimulates the internal organs of the body. Assists in the elimination of impurities from the body; move the lymphatic. Ayurvedic massage has tremendous benefits to the mind-body, skin and immune system.  Relaxes and softens the tissues

Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing face mask
In combination with treatment special offer 10 €


The Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask. Inspired  blended ginseng extract, rice extract and sesame seed oil into our 100% vegetarian creamy exfoliating mask, that has been formulated without parabens, paraffin, silicone or mineral oil. reveal brighter looking, even and supple feeling skin.


Deep Tissue Massage
45/60/90 min.   55/70/100 €


 The release of tension and stiffness from muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and fascia. Pain relief tissue and adhesions. Improved mobility that increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow, posture and physical performance, skin texture and total relaxation.

Relaxing Massage
60/90 min.   70/100 €


One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calmness. Prompts the release of endorphins, the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that produce feelings of well being

Lymphatic Drainage
50 min. 60 €

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment. The massage uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body. The lymph system is part of your body's immune system and helps fight infection.

Swedish Massage 
60/90 min.   70/100 €

Energize the body by stimulating circulation. Include stroking, kneading, friction, tapping, and vibration, all flowing toward the heart, which is used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to calm your nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being, reducing depression anxiety and tension in the body.

Gua  Sha Treatment
30 min. 40 €

Gua Sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. This ancient Chines healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain and very deep stress.

Shirodhara Ayurvedic
3 x 60 min. 195 €

Shirodara has proven effective in lowering blood pressure. Shirodhara is also a great treatment for the healthy individual looking to maintain health and enhance well being, clarity, calm and immunity. Shirodhara promotes deep relaxation, relieves fatigue and renews and reinvigorates the body and mind.  Natural healing has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. According to Ayurveda, the centre of the forehead, or the Third Eye, is the seat of intuition, spirituality, and healing.

India Head Massage
30min. 40 €

Relieving built up tension, headaches, migraines boosting overall immunity  improving circulation increases energy levels

Reiki Treatment
30/50min.  30/50 €


Reiki is a Japanese technique administered by ‘laying on hands’ and is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy’ flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. This treatment focuses healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels negative energy out of the person’s energy field, and stimulate and rejuvenating the mind and body systems.

Neck, shoulder, back and leg Massage 
30 min.  40 €

This mini massage deeply relaxes you by concentrating on the neck, shoulder, back and leg.

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